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Our practice is fundamentally influenced by the experience of its founders as management consultants who worked directly with leadership in the public or private sectors to run complex, long-duration engagements which required delicate co-ordination amongst various corporate functions including strategy, finance, governance, HR, operations, business development and capital raising.

This experience has led to the most important principle for our practice: how decisions get made is more critical, and controllable, than the content of the decision itself. If disproportionate time is invested in determining who is involved in decision-making, the process itself, the structure of conversations, their proper sequencing, the pace at which decisions get made and, most significantly, the temperament & ethics of those involved, then one thing is assured: bad decisions can be avoided. Good decisions are then the residue of what remains once all the potential errors are weeded out one by one.

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Dr. Martin Vogelsang

Managing Director

Martin is the Managing Director of Social Synergy Deutschland e.V. He is also the Coordinator of the Bundesinitiative Impact Investing e.V. (Federal Initiative Impact Investing), the German platform for impact investing. The overall goal is to help develop the German impact Investing market and thus open the impact investing space for the broader public.

Before that, he was the DACH Country Representative of the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA). Martin also spent several years in India. In 2010, he launched a social enterprise-incubator based out of Bangalore (India) focussing on seed investments and capacity building. Martin has a PhD in Business Ethics, Department of Economics from Katholische Universität Eichstätt in Germany.


Dr. Christopher Greenwood


Chris is a London, Cambridge and Harvard educated specialist in non-profits and social ventures. Career highlights include developing the Humanitarian Impact Bond for the International Red Cross in Geneva, raising large scale finance from philanthropists and foundations for education and environmental conservation and supporting the development of a for-profit extension of the work of NYC’s Footage Foundation.

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